Lecturer – Analytical Workflows and Scientific Reproducibility

This course introduces graduate students to conceptual organization of workflows as a way to conduct reproducible analyses

Julien Brun true

This course is part of the Master of Environmental Data Science (MEDS) degree at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at UC Santa Barbara. MEDS is an 11-month professional degree program focused on using data science to advance solutions to environmental problems.

Course syllabus:

The generation and analysis of environmental data is often a complex, multi-step process that may involve the collaboration of many people. Increasingly tools that document and help to organize workflows are being used to ensure reproducibility, shareability, and transparency of the results. This course will introduce students to the conceptual organization of workflows (including code, documents, and data) as a way to conduct reproducible analyses. These concepts will be combined with the practice of various software tools and collaborative coding techniques to develop and manage multi-step analytical workflows as a team.

Course website: https://brunj7.github.io/EDS-214-analytical-workflows/


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